Freqently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


> Can I bring my books into the Fair?
If so, under what conditions?
Your books will not be accepted at the Salon du Livre and should be left at the cloakroom by the entrance.

>Can I get anything other than a book autographed?

Only books bought at the fair will be autographed by authors.

> I am unemployed. Is there a special rate for jobseekers?

There is no special rate for "jobseekers". The only people admitted free or at a reduced rate are young people, over-Sixties and school groups.

> I am a teacher: why can't I have free admission?

As a teacher, you can enter the Salon du Livre free as part of a school visit, with your class.
If you come as an individual, you have to pay for admission.

> I am a teacher, and a few years ago I was able to enter for free using my "Passeport éducation". Why is this no longer the case?
At the time, we had formed a partnership with the Ministry of National Education. This partnership was not renewed.

> Is the Fair accessible to people with reduced mobility?
As regards access to the Salon du Livre de Paris for people with reduced mobility, you will find priority ticket desks at the entrance of Pavilion 1.
The entire Fair is on the ground floor, and all stands with a floor are equipped with an access ramp.
As regards access to the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, you can find all the relevant information by clicking on the link below. then click on the "ACCESS" link at the top of the page.


> Where can I find answers to my practical questions?
With your access codes ready, go to your exhibitor space located on the Home Page of the Fair's website:
You can also contact the Sales Manager in charge of your application:

> When can I come and set up my books?
Again in your Exhibitor space, you can view the dates and times for assembly/dismantling during the Fair.

> Can I get a visitor in by lending the person my badge?
No. It is absolutely forbidden to lend or give your badge to a third person.

For information:
The offence of hawking entry tickets has been incorporated into Act no. 2012-348 of 12 March 2012, designed to facilitate the organisation of sporting and cultural events, published in the Journal Officiel of 13 March 2012 (appended):

"Art. 313-6-2. – The fact of selling, offering for sale or exhibiting with a view to selling or transferring or providing means with a view to the sale or transfer of admission tickets at a sporting, cultural or commercial event or to a live show, in a regular manner and without the authorisation of the producer, organiser or owner of the exploitation rights for this event or show, is punishable by a fine of €15,000. This penalty is increased to €30,000 if the offence is repeated.
"With respect to the first paragraph, an entry ticket is considered to be any ticket, document, message or code, whatever its form or support, certifying that the right to attend the event or show has been obtained from the producer, organiser or owner of the exploitation rights."

> Can I go to and fro via the Exhibitors' entrance throughout the day?
The Exhibitors' entrance is only open in the morning. The rest of the day, you must use the other entrances.

I am a book professional

> How can I participate in the morning reserved for professionals (Monday morning)?
The Salon du Livre de Paris is accessible at no cost for all book professionals who are pre-accredited on the website of the Fair: Don't forget to have a scan of your professional supporting document at hand: you will need it to register. Your Pro e-badge will give you access to the Fair and the professionals' morning on the Monday.

We remind you that no free accreditation will be issued at the Fair. If you are not accredited by Thursday 19 March, you will be charged €30 for admission.

> How soon can I register for accreditation online?
Pre-accreditations are generally open at the beginning of November each year. Click here to apply for pre-accreditation.

> What professional supporting documents are accepted?
To see the list of supporting documents accepted, click here.

> Do I get the use of the car park?
La Porte de Versailles provides a paying car park.
We recommend that you use car park "R", which provides the easiest access to the fair.

> I am unable to scan my payslip: there is no scanner in either my home or the media library. What should I do to send you a supporting document?
Giving the increasing number of requests from people in the book trade, we are no longer able to process postal letters and printed supporting documents. You must find a solution to scan your document. You can also photograph it using your mobile phone or a digital camera. In this case, please check the resolution and format of the image before sending it to us. The formats permitted are .PDF or .JPG

> Why is pre-registration for professionals already closed although the fair is still going on?
Professional pre-registration is open until midnight on Thursday 19 March 2015. After that date, no requests will be considered, because there will not be time to process them quickly enough.

> I can't upload my supporting document. What can I do?
Check that your file is in .PDF or .JPG format and is no bigger than 1024 Kb.
Click on "Browse" and retrieve the document from its storage position, then attach your document by clicking on "upload".

> There is a mistake on my e-badge: how can it be corrected?
Contact us by email at

> I am a volunteer in a library: can I obtain accreditation?
Professional accreditation is not issued to volunteers, because a professional supporting document is compulsory. You can obtain a group rate for 10 people or more from the ticket office of the Salon du Livre.

> The barcode of my badge won't print: what should I do?
Launch printing with the keyboard shortcut CRTL + P
If this manipulation does not work, contact us by email at

> I have received two contradictory emails: which one should I take into account?
Contact us by email at


> I am an author: can I get free entry to the Fair? Is so, what are the conditions?
Only authors who are members of an association sitting on the permanent writers' committee will be accredited.  You will receive an email from your association enabling you to get free pre-accreditation.

I am a teacher

> I am a teacher: whom should I contact to organise a visit for my class, and from what date?
Contact Eléonore d'Ornano by email at

> I am a teacher: can I get free admission?
As a teacher, you can enter the Salon du Livre for free as part of a school visit with your class, but not as an individual.