The Rights Centre

The Paris Book Fair is making available to all French and international industry professionals a private area for negotiations on foreign rights and licences. The Rights Centre is an international platform for discussion and negotiation.
France is one of the most foreign-literature-friendly countries in the world: 40% of literary works sold in France are translations. This market is a key part of the economic development of publishing companies, and Paris has become the perfect location for buying, selling and licensing rights. Conveniently located next to the International Bureau of French Publishing (BIEF), this private office offers agents, scouts, rights managers and publishers a quiet, secluded place to hold business meetings.

To help with the sales process, hostesses will be on hand to greet industry professionals and help them set up appointments.

In 2014, 52 different countries attended the Paris Book Fair. This year we are expecting representatives from a number of countries as well as senior French publishing directors. Foreign agents should note that VAT can be reclaimed through our international partner TEVEA after registering at the Centre.

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