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The Paris Book Fair, once again, has a tailor-made programme with many conferences dedicated to you.

‘Transfer of rights’ directory
for French and international publishers

An online tool, available only in English, that lists the contact details of all the rights managers of both the exhibiting French publishers and those coming from the 2015 International Paris Book Fair’s guest country and cities, which are Brazil, Wroclaw and Krakow.

A search function enables you easily find and send meeting propositions directly to the selected contacts.

>>> 4 search criteria: purchase and transfer of rights, guest country and guest cities.
>>> The results will display: last name, first name, job title, publishing house name, publisher’s website and any specialised subjects.
>>> Contact requests can be made online.

 Publishers directory

Round of international conferences

This year, the Paris Book Fair is inviting professionals to examine the book market in four major linguistic areas:
 - French-speaking countries
 - Gulf countries
 - The Far East
 - South America

Friday 20 March 2015, Connexions room.
Free entry for accredited professionals.


At the next Paris Book Fair, and in partnership with the Literary Agency Astier-Pécher, 20 young and independent publishing houses will be invited from all over the Francophone world including Algiers, Brussels, Paris, Casablanca, Geneva, Yaoundé, Bordeaux, Montreal, Lyon and Marseille.
This is part of the “Talented Indies” programme which will give them the opportunity to present themselves and a selection of their titles to an audience of aquisition editors, foreign publishers, literary agents and scouts.

Fiction :
Barzakh - Algiers
Elyzad - Tunis
Finitude - Bordeaux
Proximité- Yaoundé
Jigal - Marseille
La Fosse aux ours - Lyon
Le Tripode - Paris
Mémoires d'encrier - Port-au-Prince / Montréal
Quidam - Paris
Vents d'ailleurs - La Roque d’Anthéron
Zoé - Geneva
  Non-fiction : 
La Manufacture des livres - Paris
Le Fennec - Casablanca
L'Echappée - Paris
Les Prairies ordinaires - Paris
Lux - Montréal
MF/Dehors - Paris
Nevicata - Brussels
Thierry Marchaisse - Paris
Transboréal - Paris

Exclusively for professionals on Saturday 21 March 2015. Talentueux Indés
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This event is organized in partnership with EMI.
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The Rights Centre

The Paris Book Fair has a private area available to all French and foreign professionals for negotiating foreign rights and licences. The Rights Centre is an international platform for discussion and negotiation.

Come and meet at the B.I.E.F
international area

  Several hundreds of professionals from publishers to booksellers come from all over the world and meet at this area set up and run by the Bureau International de l’Edition Française.

Here they can find out all sorts of information and can often meet foreign exports and rights managers as well as French publishers, representatives from the National Book Centre, and numerous managers from embassy book departments.

More information available here.

The B.I.E.F professional cafés

> Professional meetings with Brazilian publishers
From 17th to 18th of March 2015 at the National book center (CNL)
53, rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris

> Pro café
From 20th to 23rd 2015, at the BIEF stand.

> Fellowship program in Paris
From 21st to 27th of March 2015
 > Learn more

SCELF Audiovisual Rights Market

  Brought together each year by SCELF, of which they are all members, this is where French publishers present a selection of their best books suitable for adaptation to film and television.

Publishers and producers meet in 30-minute blocks to discuss the possibility of adapting their books.